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What’s the difference between my actual and available balance?

Last Updated: Jul 03, 2017 09:57AM CEST
Due to the time it takes for transactions to be processed by global financial networks, the purchases you make using an Entropay card will not appear on your account in real time, and will only be visible on your account history a few days later.
This is the same way any credit or debit card works. If you spend money, the balance on your bank statement is updated at a later date. The seller may also take up to 30 days to charge your card for your purchase. For these reasons, sometimes the balance stated on your card/account and the payments listed on your account might not match.
Your actual balance is the amount of money in your account without taking into consideration any pending transactions.
The available balance is your actual balance, adjusted for any pending transactions that have not yet been fully processed.
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