Topping up your account

Why is the money not showing in my Entropay account, after topping up from a credit or debit card?

Last Updated: Jul 03, 2017 09:54AM CEST
If you top up using your credit or debit card, the money should appear in your Entropay account immediately. Sometimes, a transaction to top up your Entropay card may fail because of an interruption in the banking network connection, and you may find that the credit or debit card you used has been charged.
Our system is automated. When you try to top up with your credit or debit card, we get confirmation from your bank and then authorise the transaction.  Unfortunately, if there is a break in the banking network connection at any point in the process, the transaction will fail. The automated system can’t continue a broken transaction process, and we can’t process any transactions manually.
Don’t worry if this happens, the money will remain authorised at your bank until they release it, depending on their own rules on authorisations. This is a standard procedure. When the pre-authorisation has expired depending on your banks rules on pre-authorisations the money will become available on your personal credit or debit card again. If needed, contact your bank or card issuer to see if they can release the authorisation.
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