Using your Entropay card online

Why was my Entropay card declined?

Last Updated: Jul 03, 2017 09:51AM CEST
The vast majority of websites that accept Visa cards also accept Entropay cards. Unfortunately websites can choose which card types they accept payments from so they may decide to not accept virtual cards issued by Entropay. If your Entropay card is declined, it’s best to contact the website and ask them why.
If necessary, you can explain that the Entropay card is just like a normal Visa card, and that you use Entropay to protect your online payments.
Before contacting the website, please just make sure:
  • You have enough money in your Entropay account to cover the purchase. Remember, if you’re purchasing in a different currency from your Entropay account, the merchant may charge additional exchange fees. In this case, the total could amount to more than you have in your account
  • You’re using the correct card number, expiry date and CVV number (the CVV number of your Entropay card)
  • The merchant is not enforcing an AVS (Address Verification System) check. This is an automated process which verifies your address, and is an added security measure which Entropay currently does not support
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