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What to do if I was a victim of identity theft?

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2018 11:06AM CET
If your bank or an online store you’ve shopped experiences a big data breach, you may become a victim of identity theft.
Entropay’s industry-leading anti-fraud system is designed to prevent fraudulent activity and stops +99% of potential fraudsters in their tracks. However, despite our rigorous efforts, sometimes fraudsters can acquire enough of your personal data to create an Entropay account and make fraudulent transactions in your name.
If you are a victim of identity theft, we’re here to help.
Registered Entropay Users
If you’re a registered Entropay user and notice an Entropay transaction that you did not authorise, please contact our Customer Support team immediately so we can work with you to resolve this issue.
Not a Registered Entropay User?
If you’ve never registered for Entropay and notice an unauthorised Entropay transaction on one of your credit or debit cards, you should contact your card issuer (bank) immediately so they can open an investigation.
Your card issuer will ask you to request a chargeback from Entropay, and they can open a dispute to start the process of reclaiming your money. Entropay will work directly with your card issuer and the authorities during this process.
Our Customer Support team can answer questions you have during this process, however, if you are not a registered Entropay user only your bank and/or the authorities can investigate identity theft on your behalf, in accordance with financial regulations.
Why can’t Entropay give me information about these transactions?
Data privacy regulations mean that we can’t discuss any transactions with you unless you are the account owner who set up the Entropay account in question. That means if a fraudster set up an account in your name, we can’t give you any information on fraudulent transactions made in your name.
We understand this can be frustrating, but this regulation exists to stop identity thieves from accessing existing accounts.
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