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How do I report a fake Entropay app or web site?

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2018 03:18PM CET
If you think you’ve been directed to a fake Entropay website or app, please contact us at immediately so we can investigate it for you. If you clicked on any links in a website or app that you think might be fake, you should change your password.

How can I spot fake apps online?
  • The logo or app icon is distorted.
  • The app developer is listed as the name of an individual, not a company
  • There are typos or sloppy writing in the app description
  • The app has an obviously unbalanced and poorly formatted interface
  • You don’t expect the app to have ads in it—but it does
Note: Entropay does not currently have an Android or iOS app. Any future apps released by Entropay will always be released by Entropay and not any other developers or trade names. If you ever have questions, remember, we’re always here for you.
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